51 Need to Know Dates

52 Essential Dates from The Big Bang to Brexit

From the Big Bang to Brexit, this self-adhesive historical timeline shows the key dates as they happened, one after the other.  Perfect for children starting out in History, or for adults who are just getting a little rusty, this 5 metre roll makes sense of it all. Each event is described with a date and a short explanation, plus a beautiful illustration from award-winning artist Fiona Macpherson. Stick it on a wall or round your room, and you will never confuse your Vikings with your Saxons, or your Tudors with your Victorians, ever again!

52 Essential Dates

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Roll-Out History

History teaching today can often present the past as a series of fascinating yet disparate events, and some of us have been known to struggle when slotting them into their correct position. This simple and colourful timeline addresses the problem by picking out 52 of the most important dates, to be used as mental hooks on which to hang all the other details.

51 Need to Know Dates